Popping the question.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine posted tweeted about when a guy proposes to a girl, his job is done, and all the wedding planning and everything else about the wedding falls into the responsibility of the girl.

First of all, I am having none of that. If I get proposed to, my fiance will put in as much time in wedding planning as I would. I know most guys would just probably shrug and back away from the whole ordeal, but they’re human too and they’re bound to have opinions on what they would want to have in a wedding.

Second, and the point of this post, is that I got to wondering how proposals would go about and I made a list. Not of my ideal marriage proposal settings, but of incredibly cliche settings that I wouldn’t mind and wouldn’t want getting proposed in.

List of incredibly cliche settings I wouldn’t mind getting proposed in:

  1. On top of the Eiffel Tower – I mean, it’s Paris.
  2. On top of the Empire State Building – It’s cheesy and unoriginal, but if there’s peonies involved (yes, I am a fan of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass), well…
  3. First meeting place proposal – I will be very impressed if someone pulls this off.

List of incredibly cliche settings I wouldn’t want getting proposed in:

  1. In a restaurant, with the ring hidden in a glass of champagne (or any form of food for that matter) – No, I wouldn’t want to swallow that ring, thank you. I don’t want to poop it out either.
  2. In any family/holiday gatherings, sporting events, or anywhere out in public where many people might be watching – That might be great for some people, but I just really want to share the proposal with the other person, for it to be very intimate. I also don’t want other people to see me because I will be ugly-crying for sure.

Lastly, I have never seen the appeal of the diamond engagement ring. I have never been a fan of jewelry, I guess. And I wouldn’t want a big rock on my finger, just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. The money would be better spent in the actual wedding.

To wrap up, and if my boyfriend ever finds this blog post, an intimate yet very romantic proposal would be the best way to go.

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