Flower Box Pop-Up Mothers’ Day Card

I apologize for this blog seems to be all over the place with all my product reviews, my personal inane thoughts, and now, I’m adding a Crafts category. But it is what it is. I enjoy all these things and this is my blog so, let’s get to it.

Also I may need to update my blog layout for easier navigation.

I first found out that cardmaking/papercrafting was a thing online when I saw this papercrafting post on my Tumblr dashboard. I was mesmerized. I always loved papercrafts. Of course I didn’t know it was called as such when I was younger, but my mother and I bonded over making dolls out of white paper. She would teach me how to make a doll, her clothes, various furniture. It was wonderful, she always made such pretty dolls. We would draw faces on the doll silhouettes and I got to design the tiny doll clothes.

That love for cutting paper carried over to when I started school, I’d love making cards for people. Even when I got to college, I had this packaging class that made me do things with paper again. But it was only recently that I discovered that cardmaking and scrapbooking is a legit thriving community online! I missed so much, so I just jumped right in.

I saw this pop-up card tutorial on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a go, especially Mothers’ Day was coming up.


It’s very hard to find card stock here where I live (read: Manila). It’s always these weird neon colors and I couldn’t find different shades of colors, so I just had to make do with what was available. Also, patterned card stock is even harder to find, and those 12×12 piles which are available at Fully Booked costs more than a thousand bucks, so…no go for me.


Cutting out the window.


I didn’t have a wood grain pattern paper so I drew some lines on gold card stock.



Yay! Pretty flowers!

But hey it still turned out pretty good, right? Yay for cardmaking!

4 thoughts on “Flower Box Pop-Up Mothers’ Day Card

  1. Hi! Lovely post you have here. Im also thinking of starting cardmaking but from my research it seems like very scarce ang materials here.just wondering where you got the cardstock and if you have any recommendations where i can buy materials? I live in makati. πŸ™‚

    • Hello πŸ™‚ Mostly nabili ko lang yung mga paper sa card na to sa National Bookstore. Very limited nga lang ang colors. You can find patterned cards sa scrapbooking section nila, usually 6×6. But recently, I just bought a bunch of textured white boards (about 180gsm I think) sa Office Warehouse then nagpprint ako dun ng kulay/pattern na gusto kasi mas convenient (and cheaper if you have a continuous ink system).

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