DIY Kindle Case from a Hollowed-Out Book

Yes, I own a Kindle, and I’m about to carve out a book to make a Kindle case out of it. No, I don’t hate books.

The Kindle is a very convenient device for someone like me who likes to read and travel a lot. It’s very slim, but nothing compares to the feel and weight of a real book made of paper, so why not make a Kindle case out of it and maybe I can still have that fragrant old book smell?

My first Kindle case when I got the device a year ago was also a DIY case made by my boyfriend, Niko. It was made of cold press illustration board and gumtape.

The old case. Niko’s pretty crafty.

It served me well but Niko and I decided it has gotten to old and ratty and we were both feeling a little crafty so a new case was made and here’s the how we made it.

I went to Booksale, a shop which sells secondhand books at insanely low prices, (I used to haunt this place a lot before I got a Kindle) to look for a small hardcover book that could fit my Kindle. I found this book, Please Don’t Feed the Daisy, which was the perfect size and thickness, and had a wonderful blue cover. And it only cost me P80. Yay!


Materials: Kindle, hardcover book, metal ruler, eraser, pencil, and X-Acto knife, and a self-healing cutting mat (not in photo, obvs).

What I did was a bit more tedious than most of the DIY tutorials found on the internet for hollowed-out books. I started with the pages un-glued so that I could still trace the Kindle onto the paper after every ten pages or so just to make sure I still have the shape right. So the process is:

  1. Trace onto page
  2. Cut out outline with the knife
  3. Trace the hole onto the next page
  4. Cut that outline with the knife
  5. After ten pages, check to see if the trace outline still matches the shape of the Kindle
  6. Repeat until the end of the book

And after a day and a half, I finally finished cutting through. Worth it because the hole was cleaner than when we did the glue-first-cut-hole-second thing before. It was a mess.


Next is to mix equal parts PVA glue and water (I mixed too much hehe). Cover the front and back covers of the book with cling film to keep pages from sticking to the inside of the covers. Using a cheap brush, paint the edges of the pages with the glue/water mixture. Don’t be stingy to make sure the pages really get glued together. Weigh the book down with a whole lot of other books (I used three large hardbound books and a toolbox) and wait for the glue to dry. I let mine dry overnight.


I cleaned up the edges of the hollowed out part first, to make everything nice and even, then painted those edges with the glue/water mixture, weighed it down, and waited for it to dry.

After that dried, I slapped on the Kindle and it was a snug fit. I planned on gluing on bits of elastic at the corners to hold the Kindle in place but it doesn’t budge without them so never mind. I carved out the bottom middle part to allow access to the wake button and the micro USB port. It also allows me to lift the Kindle out of the book.

I also carved out a bit by the right side buttons on the Kindle, and Niko placed these thin strips of cardboard to make pressing the buttons easier. It hinges out so it doesn’t obstruct the Kindle when I mean to get it out.

I carved out about 5 pages from the back of the book (top and bottom), the width of a thin elastic, so I can glue an elastic there to hold the book closed when not in use.


There we have it, a DIY Kindle case from a hollowed-out book. I’m thinking of gluing on a pattern on the inside of the book to make it pretty, but I have yet to decide on which pattern.

Pretty snazzy, I must say.


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