Hayley Williams Hair

I have been an avid Paramore fan by the time they released their second album, but I have drifted away from them every now and then when I began listening to other stuff (The Strokes and the likes). One thing that hasn’t changed, which I recently rediscovered because of their new album Paramore, is that I am absolutely in awe of Hayley Williams’ vocal chops. I mean, for such a tiny girl, she sure can belt out a lot.

The other thing is her hair. Seriously, there’s just something about her (almost always) red/orange hair. I always wanted her hair, but I don’t really want to do something as drastic as that to my own hair because I mostly like it black. The above video however got me thinking. I may actually just throw it out the window one day and do it. But, and this is a very hard but, only if I ever get out of the relationship I am in now. Which is really highly unlikely. But only something so tragic happening to my life could give me the push to actually do it. Go crazy and get an equally crazy hairstyle.

So if you actually see me in the future sporting bright orange hair on one half and bright pale pink on the other half, please know that I am undergoing turbulent times and may need a hug.

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