Sunday Movies

Niko and I decided to stay in last Sunday as we had a backlog of movies we should have watched together when I was home for four months. So we set up the playlist, I picked the first half, he picked the other half, completely random dragging from the folder to VLC. It turned out to be a perfect rollercoaster of emotions. Let me run the movies down for you. I’ll try to avoid spoilers and be very vague about the actual movie but very clear about my feelings.

  1. Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6
    • It was a nice start. A solid origin story. Light and fun, thoroughly enjoyable. And I mean, Baymax was adorable.
  2. Nightcrawler Nightcrawler

    • Holy shit. That nice, comfortable high from Big Hero 6 was immediately torn down by this movie. Lou Bloom is creepy as hell and the ending left me frustrated and wanting to punch a wall.
  3. John Wick John Wick
    • But never fear, John Wick is here! All that frustration from the last movie was quickly forgotten and replaced with a justice boner as soon as John Wick started slaying everyone who wronged him. Keanu Reeves still got it. I think this was our favorite out of all we watched.
  4. How To Train Your Dragon 2HTTYD 2
    • A nice break from all those serious movies. This was still action-packed and surprisingly hit me hard than I would expect in an animated movie.
  5. Birdman Birdman
    •  This was a little weird and left me confused and frustrated, to be honest. But that editing! Man, that was something new. Also, the score was a perfect lead-in to the next movie.
  6. Whiplash Whiplash
    • For the most part, I didn’t know what they were talking about. This movie was tense and it fought off my sleepiness (it was getting late). Fletcher was a dick, Andrew was also kind of a dick, but neither of them are 100% dicks. It was a perfect end to our marathon session.

Remember Sunday: A Movie Review



A lonely waitress meets a handsome, quirky jewelry store clerk who had a brain aneurysm and thus has short-term memory loss.

Starring Zachary Levi (Chuck, Thor: The Dark World, Tangled) and Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Gilmore Girls), I got into this movie while browsing through Zachary Levi’s filmography and I was in the mood for a romantic movie.

Possible spoilers ahead.

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