All over.

It seems I have a habit of starting and abandoning these things. I have gone through countless blog URLs in the last five years of my life. Looking back, it seems that my writing always gets shoved to the back burner when things are going peachy for me. I seem to be drawing my writing abilities from teenage angst and such things.

But I am no longer a teenager. I just entered my second (or is it third) year of my twenties a couple of weeks ago. I have been contemplating of starting a blog again (for good) for a month now. I have always known that my first love is writing, and recent events have confirmed that I do excel (even just a little bit) in this field. So it has been decided that I should focus on this and not on other things that I am barely good at because I clearly haven’t been going anywhere with the whole graphic design thing.

I am at another turning point in my life right now. Just last month I went through some pretty serious change, and I am just waiting for another. I haven’t talked about it apart from those people who are very close to me for the fear of me jinxing everything.

I just pray everything works out. And hey, welcome back to blogging.