The Missing 10%

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Over the last few days, a captivating news story swept the nation: Janine Tugonon broke up with her boyfriend, Jaypee Santos, over the The Script‘s Danny O’Donoghue. I’m not one to be hooked by these kinds of stories, but I really must blog about this one.

So a little back story, I don’t know how long the two have been boyfriend and girlfriend, but apparently, Janine and Jaypee went to The Script’s concert together and both of them met the band, and of course that Danny fellow, backstage. Danny then decided to put on the moves on Janine after asking her if she had a boyfriend. She told him she did, and that he was right there. Danny asked her to follow him on Twitter and he’ll follow her back (I know, so romantic, right?) and the two have been in correspondence ever since. That led to an argument between Janine and Jaypee, who was understandably upset over the whole thing because apparently Janine has exclaimed her attraction to Danny. So they broke up, Jaypee being a sport about everything, saying Janine needed her space and that she was worth the wait.

I don’t really have a side in all of this, it’s their business and I have no intention of judging either one of them for their decisions. What really caught my attention about this whole thing was something Bianca Gonzales said about this situation in ABS-CBN‘s morning show. She said she has been in this situation before, and that more likely than not, people who tend to deviate from their committed romantic relationships when a new person shows interest in them are those who find the “Missing 10%” in the New Guy.

We are with our romantic partners because we like certain things about them, whether those be physical and emotional attractions. But of course, they aren’t perfect (because who is) and those parts that we seek in the Perfect Person are often found in other people. We just have to make sure that the New Guy we’re attracted to isn’t just the Missing 10%. Sure, it’s new and exciting and something you haven’t had before, and he might be The One but, what if he’s just that, 10% Great and 90% Douchebag? It would be a shame to throw away a relationship with Mr. 90% Awesome.

This is the part where I steer the story to relate to my personal life.

Sure, my boyfriend isn’t Mr. Perfect, but as I said in a previous post, he is perfect for me. And I wouldn’t trade what we have for whatever fame and fortune I could find in somebody else. Sure, we all have those ideal people we construct in our heads, but as Matthew Gray Gubler said in 500 Days of Summer,

“I think technically the girl of my dreams would probably have like a really bodacious rack, you know, uh, maybe different hair. You know she’d probably be a little more into sports. But, truthfully, Robin’s better than the girl of my dreams.

She’s real.”